How do I run a Roster report?

Reports - Hockey reports (hockey)

** Draft/Open pools only **

a Roster Report quickly displays your pool standings in an easy to view format. 

The steps to run a Roster Report are as follows:

1. Access your pool Standings

2. Select the "REPORTS" tab

3. Select the "Pools" dropdown in the sub-menu

4. Select "Roster" in the dropdown and then set your criteria by:

Start Date: Set the Start Date you want to base the standings report on. Default will be the Start Date of the Season.

End Date: Set the End Date you want to base the standings report on. Default will be the End Date of the Season.

Team Order: Set whether you want the Teams sorted by Draft Order or based on the order of the Standings in the report.

Player Order: Set whether you want the Players on each team ordered by Draft Order or based on their Points Ranking.

Columns: Configure how many columns wide you want the report to format in.

Font Size: Configure what size you want the Font to appear in on the report.

Show Rank: If you are sorting your Player Order by Points, you can check this box to show the players Rank instead of the Round they were drafted in.

Summary: Check this box if you want to hide the players and their stats, and only show the team owner names and team totals.

Filter: Use if you want to search for specific team names to show/hide.

Teams: Uncheck any teams that you do NOT want to include in the report.

Once you have created your Roster Report criteria, hit "Go" to execute your report

- You can then Print from the displayed report with the "Print this page" button

- OR you can select all by clicking the "Select Table" button and then copy and paste to a destination of your choice